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Easy to understand it since I am new to this field. Besides, all the trainers give their best to educate and train us by giving us assignments, example of case study and assigned a few task that is related.

Norsyamimi Yusof Student

The syllabus was well-structured and calmly delivered, making it easy for beginner like to follow. Nevertheless, I have to admit that the assignments given were challenging ,but they give me a huge learning curve.

Alkisah Binti Mubin Student

For decades, I have been trying to break through my barrier to talk, the joining of this course and training has greatly enhance my conversation skill and open up my employment opportunities.

Tan Chai Ting Student

This course tackles most of the aspects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and each task given was indeed challenging. The course outline and practice is adequate for industrial exposure.

Abdullah Zubair Zulkifli Student

Currently Ongoing 👉🏻

  • Definition of Automation
  • Types of Automation
  • Automation Hierachy
  • Definition of Robot
  • Industrial Robot
  • Definition of Industrial Automation
  • Definition of Addictive Engineering

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