KOTO Association

About Us

Who is KOTO?

We are a community driven platform for Upskilling, Job Matching, and Financial Inclusion


Learn new and relevant expertises for today and in the near future

Job Matching

Get matched with the right job based upon your inherent strengths

Financial Inclusion

Get access to appropriate, affordable, and timely financial resources

About KOTO

KOTO Association is a social enterprise. KOTO Association aims to address the problems of unemployment and poverty trap due to i) education without employable skill, ii) discrimination, inequality and inequity, iii) lack of employability and iv) lack of financial inclusion.

The KOTO Association logo incorporates the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) wheel with six of the seventeen wedges highlighted to emphasise KOTO Association’s aim for:

Zero Poverty (SDG1)

Zero Hunger (SDG2)

Quality Education (SDG4)

Gender Equality (SDG5)

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8)

Reduced Inequalities (SDG10)