Privacy Policies

I appreciate your joining KOTO. We at KOTO Association value your privacy and want you to be aware of the ways in which we gather, use, and divulge information about you. This privacy statement outlines your rights in relation to your personal data and covers our data gathering procedures. 

This Privacy Policy is applicable when you visit or use the KOTO Association Platform unless we link to a different policy or otherwise declare otherwise. It also applies to potential buyers of our corporate and commercial products. 

You accept the conditions of this Privacy Policy by using the Services. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy or any other agreement governing your use of the Services, you shouldn’t use the Services. 

Table of Contents 

We obtain specific information about you directly from you, including information you voluntarily provide, information about the content you access, and information from other platforms that you link to Udemy. Additionally, we automatically gather data about your device and the areas of our services that you use most frequently. 

1.1 Data You Provide to Us 

Depending on how you use the Services, we might get various information from or about you. You can better comprehend the information we gather by using the examples given below. 


We gather any information you voluntarily supply when you set up an account and use the Services, including through a third-party platform. Examples include: 

Account Data 

You must register for a user account in order to use some features (including accessing content), which necessitates the collection and storage of your email address, password, and account preferences. Your name, email address, password, and account preferences are collected and stored in order to create an instructor account. You could be asked to provide more information as you utilise specific site features, such as your occupation, government ID details, a verification photo, your date of birth, your race or ethnicity, your skill interests, and your phone number. We provide you a special identification number when you create an account.. 

Profile Data 

Additionally, you have the option to include profile details like a picture, headline, biography, language, website link, social network profiles, nation, or other information. The public will have access to your profile data. 

Shared Content 

You can interact with other users and share content publicly in some areas of the Services, for example, by writing reviews of content, asking or answering questions, messaging students or instructors, or publishing images or other uploaded content. Depending on where it is placed, such shared content may be accessible to the general public. 

Educational Content Data 

Once you access the content, we track a variety of information about you, such as the courses, assignments, labs, workspaces, and quizzes you’ve started and finished, as well as your content purchases and credits, subscriptions, and completion certificates. We also keep track of your communications with teachers, teaching assistants, and other students, as well as any essays, responses to questions, or other materials you submit to fulfil course and related content requirements. We store your instructional materials, which may include information about you, if you’re a teacher. 

Student Payment Data 

When you make purchases, we gather certain information about your transaction (such your name, billing address, and ZIP code) in order to process your order and, at your discretion, to process orders in the future. Name, credit card number, billing address, and ZIP code are just a few of the payment and billing details you must directly supply to our payment service providers. In order to effectuate payments, we may additionally get restricted information from payment service providers, such as the fact that you have a new card and the last four numbers of that card. KOTO does not gather or keep sensitive cardholder data, such as complete credit card numbers or card authentication information, for security reasons. 

Instructor Payment Data 

To receive payment as an instructor, you can connect your PayPal or other payment account to the Services. Your payment account email address, account ID, physical address, and any other information required for us to transmit payments to your account are among the details we gather and utilise when you link a payment account. To transmit payments to your account, we may occasionally gather ACH or wire information. We also collaborate with dependable third parties who gather tax information as needed by law in order to abide by applicable legislation. This tax information could include particulars about your place of residence, your tax ID number, your biography, and other personal data required for taxation. KOTO does not gather or keep sensitive bank account information for security reasons. 

Sweepstakes, Promotions, and Surveys 

Through the Services or a third-party platform, we might ask you to do a survey or take part in a promotion (such as a competition, sweepstakes, or challenge). Your name, email address, mailing address, date of birth, and phone number are just a few examples of the information we may collect and retain on you if you choose to participate. Unless otherwise specified in the formal regulations of the promotion or in another privacy policy, the data is covered by this privacy policy. The information gathered will be used to manage the survey or campaign, including informing winners and awarding prizes. You might have to agree to let us share some of your details publicly (like on a winner’s page) in order to earn a reward. 

Communications and Support 

Regardless of whether you have an account, if you contact us for support or to report an issue or concern, we will record and store your messages as well as your name, email address, location, Udemy user ID, refund transaction IDs, and any other information you provide or that we automatically collect (which we cover below). In compliance with this Privacy Policy, we use this information to reply to your inquiry and look into your problem. 

The data listed above is stored by us and associated with your account. 

1.2 Data We Collect through Automated Means 

When you access the Services (including browsing content), we collect certain data by automated means, including: 

System Data 

Technical information about your computer or device, such as your IP address, platform type, operating system type and version, unique device identifiers, browser, and browser language. 

Usage Data 

Usage data about your interactions with the Services, such as the material accessed, time spent on pages or the Service, pages visited, features used, your search queries, click data, date and time, referrer, and other information pertaining to your use of the Services 

Approximate Geographic Data 

Your IP address will be used to determine an approximation of your location, which will include details like your nation, city, and geographic coordinates. 

The information mentioned above is gathered via tracking technologies and server log files, as explained in the section below titled “Cookies and Data Collection Tools.” We keep it on file and link it to your account. 

 Data Obtained From Third Parties 

In addition to the data you provide, if you are a KOTO business partner or corporate prospect, we may also gather specific business contact information from outside commercial sources.