Road2Growth Exhibition by MTDC

Road2Growth Exhibition by MTDC

The Road2Growth exhibition, organized by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), was a highly anticipated event held on 22nd May 2023 at Medini 6 in Johor. This exhibition aimed to showcase the latest advancements in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation with a specific focus on driving economic growth and development.

Among the diverse range of participants at the Road2Growth exhibition, we, KOTO Association and Imagine AI Sdn Bhd proudly showcased our products, solutions and initiatives. We also took the opportunity to promote our job recruitment and upskilling programs at the exhibition. Visitors such as universities and general publics who interested in joining our company or upskilling their skills could explore the available job openings, training programs and internship opportunities.

By participating in the Road2Growth exhibition, KOTO Association and Imagine AI Sdn Bhd not only showcased our innovative products and solutions but also contributed to the larger goal of driving economic growth and technology advancement. We also offered the attendees the chance to learn about potential career opportunities and upskilling programs in the industry.

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